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    shameless alphabet  curse words

  2. I don’t know if I can do this anymore.

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    Kev and Svetlana don’t give a shit

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    You know, when someone robs me with my own fucking gun, they’re not my friend. I’m kinda funny like that.

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  8. Anonymous asked: Random, but what are your three favorite ever tv shows. I need new shows to watch and I love your blog and totally trust your judgement... (:

    Oooh such a tough one.

    Hannibal- This show has made the phrase “The artistry of the murder…” more times than i can count. Amazing acting, suspenseful and just the right amount of gore.

    Brooklyn Nine Nine- The first season has just finished. The characters turn sitcom stereotypes on their heads. But it genuinely is a funny as fuck show.

    Teen Wolf- A perfect guilty pleasure, the supernatural, teen angst and an out of this world cast.

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    i like my coffee how i like my men. rich 

    and black

    and strong

    and three times in the morning before i do anything

    #it’s idris elba i’m talking about idris elba

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    mickey milkovich’s continuous frustration with the russian language

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    Upcoming Club AGM’s

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    Issac you sassy bitch

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